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Terms & Conditions

bKash powered by eDokan Payment

Last update: 01 December, 2021

1. eDokan Merchants General Obligations

  1. edokan Merchants can use Synergy Interface Ltd (Owner of eDokan) bkash Account from edokan Add-ons (bkash Powered by edokan Payment).
  2. After Installing the bkash Powered by edokan Payment Add-Ons merchant will have to provide identification documents (Like: Trade License, Photo ID, Bank Account Details etc.). Edokan will verify provided documents prior to activation.
  3. edokan Merchant is not authorized to resell or sub-contract this service to any third parties.
  4. edokan Merchant shall not sell any products which are declared illegal or banned by the law of Bangladesh Govt.
  5. Synergy Interface Ltd (Owner of eDokan) will charge settlement fee for every transaction.
  6. Agree to settlement day of week. Not request settlement in other days.

2. Synergy Interface Ltd (Owner of edokan)  General Obligations

  1. Synergy Interface Ltd (Owner of eDokan) shall be responsible to receive and process all bkash Powered by edokan Payment Add-Ons based on Merchant’s request
  2. Synergy Interface Ltd (Owner of eDokan)  shall have the full authority to reject any transaction request if it seems suspicious or fraudulent in nature
  3. Synergy Interface Ltd (Owner of eDokan)  reserves the rights to revise and update all Merchant Service Fees and TDRs as stated above as per required. These changes shall be notified to the Merchant in electronic mail.

3. Chargeback

  1. If a Transaction is an Invalid or Fraud Transaction, bkash may, with prior discussion with Synergy Interface Ltd (Owner of eDokan) (and without a request or demand from a sender of bkash), Refuse to accept the Transaction.
  2. If the Transaction has been processed, at any time within 180 days of the Transaction, charge that Transaction back to the Customer by debiting the Merchant Account or otherwise exercising its rights under the MEF.
  3. edokan Merchant is liable to verify the shipping address before delivering any product to customer’s shipping address.
  4. edokan Merchant shall not deliver a product in an address other than the address mentioned as delivery address by the Customer. If the sender claims for charge back, edokan merchant must submit proper delivery receipts & invoices, otherwise edokan Merchant will bear the liability of charge back.
  5. Here, Invalid or Fraud Transaction shall mean-
    • The transaction and its records are illegal
    • The particulars inserted in the order form are not identical with the actual particulars identifying the sender
    • The Nominated bkash account was used without the consent of the owner of the bkash account.