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How To Add Terms and Conditions in Checkout Page

If you want to add Terms and Condition in checkout page Just Follow the below steps

  1. First You Have to login into your Manage Panel.
  2. Please go to Design->Custom JS

3. Give a Name and select the position where you will write the JS (Java Script)

4. Just Copy and paste the following Code in the editor and Save.

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
    if(document.body.className.indexOf('checkout-init')==-1) return;
    var input = document.createElement("input");
    input.type = "checkbox";
    input.className = "form-check-input";
    input.required = true;
    var label = document.createElement("label");
    label.className = 'form-check-label';
    label.innerHTML = 'Agree to <a href="/page/terms-&-conditions">Terms & Conditions</a>,<a href="page/privacy-policy">Privacy Policy</a> & <a href="page/refund-&-return-policy">Refund Policy</a>';
    var feedback = document.createElement("div");
    feedback.className = 'invalid-feedback';
    feedback.innerHTML = "You must agree our Terms & Conditions.";
    var ctrlwrap = document.createElement('div');
    ctrlwrap.className = "form-check";
    var container = document.createElement('div');
    container.className = "col-12";
    var holder = document.querySelector('#checkout > div:nth-child(5) > hr');


label.innerHTML = ‘Agree to <a href=”/page/terms-&-conditions”>Terms & Conditions</a>,<a href=”page/privacy-policy”>Privacy Policy</a> & <a href=”page/refund-&-return-policy”>Refund Policy</a>’;

Change the href link as per your page link

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