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Search Engine Optimization

eDokan features an advanced ecommerce CMS and shopping cart that offer built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. These SEO features ensure that your ecommerce website gets a lot of traffic and sales from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

CMS allows best practices like customizable H1, title and meta tags. It also automatically generates sitemaps.xml files so new products and site changes show up on search engines quickly.

Advanced ecommerce analytics

eDokan includes built-in analytics that help you keep track of your website’s progress over time. Benchmarking your online store’s performance helps you make the right choices that will lead to more sales. Detailed statistics include:

How your customers found you and what country they are in What URLs are referring to your online store What search terms were used to find you Tracks the number of visits, including by page hits and unique visitors

Google Analytics integration

eDokan fully integrates with Google Analytics. Ecommerce transaction tracking automatically connects your Google Analytics web usage data with customer purchases and shopping cart transactions..

Discount code coupon engine

You can use eDokan to create discount codes and coupons to help promote your products. You can define coupon codes that save customers a fixed amount, a percentage amount, or free shipping.

You can further specify that a code can only be used a limited number of times, for a specific product, for a minimum order amount, or is only valid during a certain date range.

Facebook Catalogue

Using eDokan, Merchant can easily create a Product Catalog on their Facebook.

Google Product Search

Submit to Google Shopping / Product Search – Get found by more customers: your inventory can be automatically fed into Google Product Search.

Email Marketing

Ecommerce Email List – eDokan keeps track of customers that subscribe to your newsletter. Copy and paste the list into your favorite email system and send your newsletter.

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