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Edokan Theme Store

The eDokan Theme Store hosts a collection of over 70 premium and free ecommerce templates.

The Theme Store includes professional looking templates for clothing & fashion, jewelry, electronics, art & photography, and other types of ecommerce sites. Many of the ecommerce templates found in the eDokan Theme Store have been created by world-renowned designers including Pixel Union and Clean Themes.

Customizing a eDokan theme

Every template comes with its own theme settings. These settings allow you to customize your ecommerce website’s design without requiring HTML or CSS knowledge.

Upload a logo, change fonts, colors, and more. You can make your ecommerce website look exactly like you want it to.

You can also customize your homepage’s layout, add banners, slideshows, and more.

Step 1. Pick a template

Browse the eDokan Theme Store and choose a template that you like.

Step 2. Customize

Use the Theme Settings page to change the logo, fonts, colors, and other settings.

Step 3. Launch

When your store looks exactly like you want it, launch it to the world!

Complete control of HTML & CSS

eDokan website builder gives you 100% control over the design and HTML/CSS used by your eCommerce website and online shopping cart.

eDokan uses a templating language called Liquid. Liquid makes it easy to turn your HTML & CSS into a beautiful eCommerce website design.

You can edit and design your online store using the Template Editor, found in the eDokan administration area.

Design your client’s ecommerce site

Hundreds of web designers and developers use eDokan for their clients’ eCommerce projects.

eCommerce website. Best of all, your clients will find managing their online store straightforward and fun.

You can also make recurring revenue by referring your clients to eDokan or by selling a customer-designed template in the eDokan Theme Store. Learn more about the eDokan Partner Program.

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